Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

At Glory Martial Arts, we offer a different type of grappling program. Most Orlando area schools offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a separate program but we include it in our MMA training! We choose to do it this way so that our athletes learn grappling while also utilizing wrestling, striking, and Judo. This also allows our other members doing it for fun and fitness to learn real self defense. Although the curriculum varies day to day with some classes focusing on submissions and others focusing control and striking, you will learn it all! Stop in today to speak to a coach and take a trial class to see if our MMA program is right for you!

Glory Martial Arts Orlando MMA Team


Glory has one of the most comprehensive MMA (Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts) competition teams in Orlando. We stress hard work, consistency, and loyalty and expect you to work as hard as you can when pursuing competition! Your teammates and coaches will push you to the best of you abilities and expect you to put in the work to make it all pay off!

Glory Martial Arts Orlando MMA training

MMA Training

The training curriculum Glory Martial Arts has in place is there to help you succeed. Planned around working various scenarios that you’ll encounter in the ring and cage (even if you're just doing it for fun) will help you become a well rounded martial artist. Classes emphasize the “basics” at all levels of training and advance throughout the hour!

Glory Martial Arts Orlando Fight Weigh In


Maybe you don’t want to be a fighter… and that’s OK! Our MMA program in Orlando is perfect for self defense and fitness too! You’ll tone up, lose weight, and feel great knowing you can handle yourself in stressful situations! You’ll learn real Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA striking that can be carried over into other areas of your life! Come try a class today!