Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Glory Martial Arts offers Orlando’s best Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes! Led by professional GLORY Kickboxing fighter and head trainer, John Morehouse, our striking curriculum is the best in the Orlando and Central Florida area! Recently, professional undefeated Muay Thai fighter and professional coach, Rich Grindle joined the Glory Martial Arts family and has been helping grow our team! Kickboxing & Muay Thai are striking arts with slight differences that vary in technique and style. Depending on your goals, aspirations and what you enjoy, will determine the path you take. Kickboxing with Glory Martial Arts has many benefits! Our members come to us with many goals in mind including health and wellness, fitness, self defense, and competition. Great for weight loss and cardio conditioning, our class will get you into peak physical shape while also teaching you real techniques that can be used in the ring. So whether you’re here for fun, fitness, or to compete one day, you will be learning the real thing from Orlando’s top pros!


Coach John Morehouse

As an international professional fighter, Glory’s head coach, John Morehouse brings a wealth of knowledge to the gym! As a personal trainer, Coach John has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals both inside the cage and ring as well as on the scale! Well versed in fitness and sports performance as well as fighting at the highest level, he will help you become the best version of yourself!


Coach Rich Grindle

With classes offered daily, you have the opportunity to train with the best. You don’t need any experience and all skill levels are welcome! From complete beginners taking class for fun to the professional fighter looking to make improvements, our classes do it all! With Head fight team coach, Rich Grindle, bringing his expertise from working with hundreds of fighters from around the globe and helping them succeed in the UFC, Bellator and GLORY Kickboxing, you can count on receiving only the best training with us!



Not only will you learn real self defense and techniques that the pros use in real fights, but you will get in great shape doing it too! Our kickboxing classes are amazing for those looking to do something “Off The Radar” when it comes to fitness. No more weight lifting gyms or big box brands. Come into Glory and get a tailored system that works for you, keeps you accountable, and most importantly, coming back for more!