Why is Kickboxing at Glory Right for Me?

I wanted to write this to share a little bit about why Glory’s Kickboxing program in Orlando is a great class for everyone… and I mean everyone.

I’ve been fighting professionally for 12 years at this point and have been teaching/coaching for almost as long in some capacity. As a fighter, I’ve been around and dealt with many characters in the business! I’ve been a member at multiple gyms across the country and have trained with great people, bad people and everyone in between. I’ve attained a wealth of knowledge in combat sports and even more in the training and business side of it.

Working with so many different people has helped me to craft an idea of what a “perfect” class or gym entails… and this is what I try to emulate at Glory. I formulate my training program around a series of basic drills. These basic drills are designed to work. Whether you’re here on your first day or you’re a professional fighter, my basic series is something you WILL learn. It sets up the foundation to the rest of the program. It helps the advanced members keep their fundamentals strong and it provides the complete beginner with an easy to follow and easy to understand introduction to our sport.

I’ve been to and have seen a lot of gyms skip this important step or forget to keep it fresh in their programs. I’ve had students from other gyms come in an look amazing on the advanced drills but struggle with the proper way to throw a hook. This is why I stress the small stuff. This is also why I believe I have developed a program that helps everyone succeed…

One thing I tell every member who walks in the door is that whether you’re here for fitness, fun, a new workout, or self defense, you are going to learn REAL KICKBOXING! You will learn and master the same techniques I use in the ring and that I teach our fighters! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re only here to “workout”. YOU WILL LEARN REAL KICKBOXING & HAVE FUN DOING IT TOO!

No watered down version just because you aren’t one of our “fighters”! You get the same care, dedication, and attention that everyone else gets and deserves here.

My goal is for you to leave here having learned a valuable skill while accomplishing your goal. So please, feel free to stop in, try a class, and see how our program works!

Thank you

-Coach John

John Morehouse