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John Morehouse


As an avid Kickboxing and MMA professional, I have honed my teaching and coaching skills over the last 12 years. I began my martial arts training by competing in Taekwondo at the U.S. Taekwondo Academy in my hometown of Kenosha, WI. As soon as I was able to (18 years old), I signed up at my local MMA gym (Dave Strasser’s Freestyle Academy) and took my first professional MMA fight.

I started from the humble beginnings of MMA and have reached the pinnacle of Kickboxing with Glory World Series (Glory Kickboxing).  I’ve formed great relationships and learned so much from some of the sports greatest athletes and coaches and have fused all of that with my unique style.

Since beginning this journey, I have developed a passion for coaching martial arts and fitness. I enjoy working with new students who are passionate about learning what this great sport has to offer. Not everyone needs to aspire to be the best fighter in the world, and most students enjoy learning as a hobby. I really encourage those looking to get in shape or who want to focus on a martial art to check out Glory Martial Arts!

We’ve gone above and beyond to make sure we have knowledgeable, caring, and experienced coaches and certified trainers to assure you reach your goals with us!

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