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Our kids programs at Glory Martial Arts focus on building life skills and future leaders! Regardless at which level or which class you enroll your child in, you can expect that they will work to build a solid foundation in martial arts while learning real self defense! Every class offered at Glory Martial Arts stresses the importance of:

  • Self Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Control
  • Focus
  • Team Work
  • and Respect

Kids in Martial Arts and children with confidence are also less likely to bully and/or be bullied:

Bullying Statistics

28% of U.S. students in grades 6–12 experienced bullying
20% of U.S. students in grades 9–12 experienced bullying
Approximately 30% of young people admit to bullying others
80 percent of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools

In our Kids BJJ class, children ages 7 to 12 will work on the foundation skills that we stress as well as take their skills to the next level. At this stage, children will learn submissions, escapes, and techniques that can be used in real self defense as well as in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition if they choose!

It’s an exciting time for kids as they get to also work on live grappling and practicing their skills with partners!

If your child is new to martial arts like Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, our Kids Fundamental program is where they should begin. This program will instill the foundation principles like focus, discipline, respect, and confidence in your child as they also begin to take our Kids Kickboxing and Kids BJJ programs.

There is not a specific time frame they must attend the Fundamental program for, but it will help them transition into the other classes quicker and easier and provide them with the necessary tools to be successful.

Our Kids Kickboxing program is top notch! Your child will be learning real kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing from professional fighters and coaches! This class is for children 7 to 12 years old and focuses on real punches, kicks, and other Kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques!

Offense and Defense is covered in this class and children must have passed our fundamental program or have demonstrated the ability to follow our principles to begin.

The only gym offering Martial Arts classes for children as young as 18 months old, Glory has designed a special program to help teach your child essential life skills! This fun and entertaining class uses a free-form style of teaching where your child (18 months to 3 years old) will work on simple tasks to help them practice their:

  • listening skills
  • sharing
  • interacting
  • and focus!

Check out our Tiny Tots Class!