Glory Martial Arts Coach John Morehouse Jumping Back Kick

Taking your Kickboxing to a whole new LEVEL!

The LVL 3 Kickboxing course at Glory Martial Arts incorporates a wide variety of techniques used in K-1 style and Muay Thai style fights.  This is the class where we focus on Kickboxing at the highest level and practice some of the more difficult techniques such as spinning kicks, advanced setups, and we work on our fight IQ (understanding what is going on during a match).  This class is the most comprehensive program you will find in the Orlando and Altamonte Springs areas!

Who is our LVL 3 Kickboxing Course for?

Our level 3 course if for those who have a deep understanding of both our LVL 1 and LVL 2 courses. In these classes, we focus on advanced fight techniques and incorporate sparring as well. Sparring is always optional but is a big part of our Level 3 program.

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