Glory Martial Arts Fighter throws a roundhouse kick in an MMA fight

How to Throw a Roundhouse Kick

How to Throw a Roundhouse Kick Throwing a proper kick is one of the first things anyone needs to learn when taking a Kickboxing, MMA or Muay Thai class. It important to learn the fundamentals of a roundhouse kick early on to help you become more effective with it but also to help you stay […]

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glory trainer john morehouse

How To Throw A Jab!

In this video titled, How to Throw a Jab, we show the basics of throwing and using the Jab. It’s the first punch you should learn in any striking art and is crucial for a successful fight! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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Kickboxing Class Glory Downtown with Coach Trent Gaulin

We are Glory Martial Arts!

Glory Martial Arts is here! We want to welcome all of you to our gyms and want you to know what we are all about! With two locations currently (and a third on the way) Glory Martial Arts is central Florida’s fastest growing martial arts gym! With a location on South St. and Bumby near […]

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