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Check out our Adult Programs!

Glory has some of the best adult martial arts programming in Orlando and Altamonte Springs! With an accommodating schedule, participants can reach their goals in many different ways!

We offer authentic training in MMA, BJJ, and Kickboxing for those looking to compete with confidence. But maybe you’re not looking to compete, and that’s ok too!

Our adult kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Fitness classes are great for those looking to just shed a few pounds, learn real self defense, and just do something different for a workout. We are open to all ages and skill levels and we want you to be part of the Glory Team!

Glory Martial Arts has the best striking program in central Florida! With trainers like Bobby Robare, Trent Gaulin and John Morehouse teaching everyday, you get the best of the best!

Our Kickboxing program will give you the ground work to throw punches, kicks, elbows and knees as well as work different types of clinches. This will prepare you for striking self defense and competition if you ever choose too!

This class is perfect for all skill levels even if you do not have any experience at all!

Kickboxing Drilling at Glory Martial Arts!

Glory’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is run by Coach Eric Olin. With his experience training in south Florida and California, he brings a wealth of experience to our grappling program!

You will get the chance to practice offense and defense in the gi and no gi scenarios. Learn to escape bad positions and turn the table on your opponent with submissions!

We recommend this class for those looking to learn self defense or to those looking to compete in BJJ or MMA!

Our Functional Fitness program is great for members looking to lose weight, gain strength, tone, and work on their martial arts and sports performance!

Using different tools such as ropes, kettle bells, free weights and more, you will get a total body workout that varies day to day. This ensures your muscles get a different feel and enhances the work your body is putting in!

Whether you are just starting out or looking to change up your routine, this class is perfect. All the exercises and drills can be adapted to your individual needs to help you reach your goals!

Our competition team for Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing is where we do most of our sparring and intense drilling. This class is different than most because we do not offer it on our regular schedule and it is invite only.

To get invited to the competition team, you do not need to compete or even want to compete, but you must demonstrate an understanding of Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so that you can help push the competitors.

If you are interested in the competition team, please ask your coach to give you an evaluation and they can let you know what to work on and how to join!